Welcome to the Youth Transit Alliance



Parents, caregivers & youth

  • Parents & caregivers, get youth a ride! Youth, let us take you there! Click below to view participating programs.

    Programs! Stop driving youth around!

  • Programs, there’s no need to drive youth on your own dime! Let us do it for you. Add your program to the YTA pilot; click below!

    Programs in the YTA need to add youth for Pickup/Drop-off?

  • Programs interested in adding youth for Pickup/Drop-off click below. Then scroll until you find your program and click its “Get a Ride” button.

    Unsure if your program is eligible?

    1. Are you a PFY partner program or agency?
    2. Or are you a partner to a PFY partner program or agency?
    3. Do you operate within Southwest Detroit?
    4. If your youth program meets any of the above criteria, contact us at yta@thedetroitbus.com.

    How it works

    • YTA provides rides from prearranged pickup/drop locations to after-school youth programming.
    • YTA returns youth to pickup/drop-off locations near their homes; or depending on youth age, time of day, and safety, directly at their house.


    • YTA safely transports youth in Chadsey-Condon & Southwest Detroit to and from after-school programs.